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Water Proofing Vetroasfalto

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Water Proofing Vetroasfalto

The company starts its activity in 1939 when under the name of Vetroasfalto begins with the production of bitumen coated felts. In these years starts the production of prefabricated membranes that can be considered precursors of the actual bituminous membranes. The support of impregnated wool-paper replaces a reinforcement in glass fiber positioned in the body of a matrix made of filtered oxidized bitumen. Vetroasfalto has so started, in Italy to a real revolution of this technology. The stratified sequences made of coated paper felts of melted oxidized bitumen is replaced by a new application technique with a torch on membranes of prefabricated rolls with high and constant characteristics.

In 1963 an Italian discovery will deeply influence the following development of the membranes with a bituminous matrix: professor Giulio Natta, Nobel in Chemistry, develops the isotactic polypropylene (IPP). From the polymerization technology of IPP, the atactic polypropylene(APP) comes as a natural by-product. Thanks to Vetroasfalto's brilliant idea atactic polypropylene, considered as a production waste of the more noble Isotactic, is adopted as high impact modifier for bituminous mass, and it becomes a real "compound" characterized by plasticity, high resistance to heat, high mechanical characteristics, stability, durability never obtained in the past. It is as a direct result of these experiences the first polymer bitumen membrane called Viapol appeared on the market.

In 1979 Vetroasfalto moves to the modern plant of Bassano (Milan) that up to now still the company's head office. All this period is important to consolidate the expansion of domestic and international markets. The typology and specificity of the products modified with APP polymers that in the meantime give to every kind of customer a wide range of choices and characteristics. Bitumen polymer membrane makes further technical improvements: membranes reinforced with woven nonwoven polyesters that till now have continuous evolutions, they represent the answer in terms of performances to the new building demands.

It is then possible, combining the compounds with alternative polymers of the elastomeric type, styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) and ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM) to obtain a range of different products with other specific technical characteristics. The wide range of Vetroasfalto's products represents a new tangible answer to all specific requirements of waterproofing. Today Vetroasfalto has consolidated know-how and technology, and an excellent technical/marketing staff, and a worldwide located customer basis.

Our Philosophy

Vetroasfalto has always adopted quality as its production philosophy. We have always been particularly sensitive and attentive to the evolutions of the market, with a continuous updating of our products. We constantly dedicate ourselves to supplying well-aimed and specific solutions to the growing quality demands in the field of waterproofing technologies, with an ongoing commitment to reliability, safety, and durability. Waterproofing contractors can meet the growing demands of the market through their professionalism, and their ability to carry out their work according to the relevant codes of practice, and most importantly, using high-quality products with guaranteed and certified performances.